urbanIron -- Artisan in metal

My career has been spent making custom hardware and furniture. I began in Denver, moved to New York, left there for Santa Fe and ended up in Las Vegas.  There were a few side trips along the way.   I learned the basics in Denver.  In New York, I learned from the finest designers in the world.  Santa Fe was where I learned to work at the forge.  In Las Vegas, I learned how to bring all my skills together to be able to create my vision.  Soon I will be teaching at CalArts.  This is the natural progression for the artisan, from apprentice to master, student to teacher. 

Much of my current work revolves around my scrap pile.  All of my work involves radically transforming the materials I work with.  The source of the material, the process I use to work with it and the final form are all part of my statement. 

I create my work exclusively from surplus materials left over from other projects.   It is possible that as I begin to work on larger projects I will need to purchase materials.  My goal, however, will be to use only scrap.  

Working with metal requires an understanding of the materials, and an understanding of the best techniques to use to manipulate the materials for the desired result.  Technique is vital to my ability to realize my vision.  Without it, nothing can be.  I am still and will forever be working on my skills. 

A certain number constraints prod creativity.  Solving problems is at the core  of the creative process.  There are times when I use materials other than metal.  These are rare.  Confining myself to industrial metals and manufacturing processes gives me great freedom.   All art makes a statement about the human condition.  My hope is that my work pushes me while speaking to you.  There are profound questions that I need to address.  Existential questions.  It is my great pleasure to share this process with you. 

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