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Iron ring


Each of these iron rings is hand made by me. I start with a bar of iron and beat the outside to give it facets. Some of the material I use has been sitting waiting to become something for a while and I want to leave that aging as part of the ring. The character of each ring is made by the deformations of the surface. Wearing the ring will bring out this character.

Since I make each ring individually, I can't repeat exactly the markings of any given band and my rings have changed over the years. However, if you see a ring that you like and you would like me to make something similar in your size, I am happy to do that. Or if you would like something that is a variation on one of my rings, let me know what you want and I will try to make that for you as well.

I use this shop to sell the things that I make from materials that would otherwise most likely end up in a landfill. I have a fairly large scrap pile that is the result of the large and small commissions I do to make a living. I let my scrap pile inspire me and challenge me.

I am constantly making these rings because I never seem to have the exact size and width that works for someone. Look through the sizes I have and if you don't find the exact configuration you want, send me a note. I'll make if for you.

The pictures are examples of 5 different rings in this style. The rings listed will be in this style.

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