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I'm metal artisan Jennifer Gilbert aka urbanIron.  I make stuff.  Inspired, magical, profound stuff.  Deliberate, one at a time, by hand stuff.  I love to make stuff and I love the magical process involved in working with metal.  I respect the integrity of the material and I seek to emulate that integrity.  I'm not interested in the corporate culture that puts profit above all else.  I believe in good design, good intentions,  good quality, an exceptional product and gracious service.  I get  satisfaction from making stuff well with integrity; stuff that will stand the test of time. 

Please look through my products.  All of my products are one of a kind.   I am constantly adding new work and discovering new ideas. 

You can learn more about me and the things I make at the about me and history links and, as always, send me a note if you need more information. 

Thanks for visiting.