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Forged iron mirror w/ chased aluminum elephant detail

Mirror frame made of forged iron with an elephant chased in aluminum as decoration to back the mirror.

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Product Code: I11940

The 5th in my series of mirrors.

The stand in made from 1/2" square bar that I forged into the upright and the scrolled legs. I still have quite a bit of 1/2" square bar left from other projects, but I don't necessarily want square parts. The magic that happens when iron is heated to red hot and laid across the anvil to work is breathtaking. There is nothing like it. It is truly a special process and the end result shows how special it is. Heat an power are transformed into something unique and extraordinary.

The elephant is chased into a flat piece of aluminum. This is an ancient process that transforms a flat piece of metal into a 3 dimensional figure. The French word for the process is repousse. That's the general term. I am told it means push from the back. I don't actually know because sadly I don't speak French, but what I do know is that the process involves first marking the figure on the metal. Next the blank piece of metal is turned on it's back and with a hammer and tools, the metal is pushed forward as necessary to make the overall form appear in the metal. The last step is to turn the metal over one last time to use a hammer and chasing tool on the finished side to put the fine detail into the metal. The final picture stands out from and is part of the metal around it. Another bit of magic.

The mirror spins and pivots for no particular reason except that I wanted it to do that. I like motion if possible. It adds a bit of whimsy to the stand.

All of my own work is made from materials that I have in my scrap pile. For much of my career, I have made custom and semi custom hardware and furniture. I still do, but I also now have the luxury of making some things that I want to make.

Thank you for looking at my work and please shoot me a note if you have a question or comment.

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